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 Dear Aquarius, 2023 will have a fantastic start in love. The horoscope advises you to use the positive energies of the first half of the year since there will be a Venus in opposition during the summer and fall. Mars and Venus in your favour will bring new love and exciting adventures especially in January. Couples will also experience moments of intense affection and desire to cement relationships that are label-free. Even couples who were in crisis will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and find the right space to reconcile. There may be breakups but they will be peaceful and in agreement with both. You will feel like starting over and beginning again with a sincere desire to love. Spring will bring some couple tension, beware of unspoken words or lies, better to tell the truth even if it might be painful. Summer, as I premised, could be a difficult time for some of you, with a difficult Venus transit that could bring quarrels, tensions, and moments of discouragement. For those who are waiting for clear answers from the person they love, they may feel frustrated. Patience is the key word! Singles will have opportunities to find exciting but short-lived relationships .The last part of the year will be slightly critical only for couples who haven’t worked for a long time. There may be breakups but know that even if they are painful, it will be for your own good. Let go of what your heart doesn’t really want and don’t be afraid of detachment.



Temperance is a gentle and healing card. Illustrated on the card is a woman holding an amphora pouring water. Water as a symbol of cleansing and healing. This card urges you to look within and manifest acceptance, compassion and love toward yourself. When we love and respect ourselves we are able to understand where to go and who to take with us on our journey. And when we understand this, we can go in the right directions without fear and conditioning.

YOUR 2023 MANTRA:- I am ready to embark on a path of self-knowledge and accept healing. 

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