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 Dear Aries, as I promised you in 2022, your 2023 is about to be a great year! 2022 was not bad either, many of you started special relationships, some of you , thanks to a strong presence of a favourable Venus, experienced special emotions and exciting journeys. The best time for love will be spring, where Mercury will be in your sign and an active Jupiter will favour interesting experiences. Longtime couples will think about getting married or important changes that will confirm their bond. This is an important year for you, Aries, because you will feel free to be who you are and, most importantly, you will realise that you deserve the love you receive. Fall will bring news for singles and important reconciliations in relationships that had been strained. There will be new meetings destined to become important bonds, and for those who have been waiting for the right time to end a relationship that was no longer working out, they will find the courage to do so. Key word of 2023: be yourself!



A powerful arcana that urges you to be yourself wholeheartedly. You are free to love but you are also free to take a break from love. When you feel the need to take care of yourself and take time to figure out what you want and where you are headed, do it without fear. When you feel you’re in the right place, it will also be because you’ve worked hard to understand yourself and to allow yourself the freedom to express your soul.

YOUR 2023 MANTRA:- I am ready to be myself. 

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