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 Dear Cancers, many of you have had a 2022 full of reflection and slow moments, but now is the time for action. However, 2023 will have a slow start, with Mercury in opposition that could bring some melancholy toward what is gone and with Jupiter opposite that can trigger unnecessary jitters. When spring arrives you will feel reborn, full of strength and with the desire to look forward to the future. Singles will experience intense and unexpected emotions and returns from the past that will leave you unsettled. Couples in crisis will face a difficult but liberating period. It will be a time to decide whether to start over or separate. As I told you, 2023 will bring you to action. Those facing major separations will soon see new things coming to their love life. Summer will be a good time to resolve ambiguous situations where there is more than one partner involved. The time has come, for many of you, to make the decision about who to leave and who to keep. If there is a person in your life who is waiting for answers or clear direction, you will not be able to stall any longer. Favourable Mars and Jupiter in the fall will help you win the trust of your person of interest. You will feel much more confident and this will lead you to embrace new experiences and adventures. The year will end with a favourable Venus that will bring love and passion and help you to feel free to live your love while remaining yourself and without compromising.



The tower is a card of change and disruption. It urges us to destroy our old beliefs in order to open our minds and change our perspective. When we look at things from another point of view, we can also reconsider our reactions to emotions, and realise that we are much stronger than we thought. Let go and abandon resentments and desires for revenge and open yourself up to accept positive feelings.

YOUR 2023 MANTRA:- I am ready to abandon the need to control everything and embrace adventure.

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