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Dear Capricorn, 2023 will ask you to be patient with love and relationships . The year will start a little bit slow, many of you will feel too busy to think about love but be careful that it doesn’t become an excuse. Many of you are just afraid of being hurt and therefore tend to close yourselves off. Singles will enjoy a favourable Venus in February that could favour interesting meetings with special people. There could be tensions within couples, quarrels and difficulty compromising, which is why I urge you to be patient and listen more to your partner. Summer will definitely be better from the end of May, where many of you will also meet their soul mate. Couples will resolve issues from the past and feel the desire to spend more time together. Marriage proposals and moving in together will also be favoured in August! Singles will have to be careful with short time relationships and flings; they may risk deluding the other person. A favourable Jupiter will help you with long-term future plans and relationships with your partner’s family. Couples who have experienced moments of crisis can count on a positive horoscope in the fall as well. Unfinished business and practical difficulties will , finally, be resolved. November will also bring great news to people who are looking for that special love, the one that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach. 


The pope is a card that may seem very slow, but in truth it symbolizes mental and intellectual activity that is certainly not passive. It not only means being reflective but also urges us to take time to understand situations and understand ourselves. Perhaps you have spent so much time focusing on physical actions, on work, on the hustle and bustle of life and have forgotten to stop, rest and observe what you have around you. Savouring the present and silence will help you understand what you want to have in your future.

YOUR 2023 MANTRA:- I am ready to listen and give myself wholeheartedly.

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