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 Dear Gemini, 2022 was, for some of you, a somewhat turbulent year, with stressful situations and some love disappointments. In contrast, 2023 will be a year that will bring a desire to explore and to allow ourselves to embrace adventures. Not only for singles, the desire for adventures and passion will also be present in many couples. The key word of 2023 will definitely be: courage! The year is off to a great start with favourable Venus and Mars bringing passion and a desire to open up with people we like. Do not be afraid of possible rejection; honesty and clarity will surely be rewarded. Beware of the heavy transit of Saturn in spring that will bring some insuperable breakups. 2023 will be a year full of changes , and it’s important to remember that even painful changes can come to bring a better future. Despite Saturn’s revolutionary influences, Venus and Jupiter will be favourable and give you a spring full of passion and novelty. This is the right time for you, Gemini, to try experiences you have never dared to explore. Don’t let self-limitations and fears that come from the past affect you; be free and creative. The year will end on a high note with an amazing Venus that will favour returns from the interesting past and special encounters for singles. Some of you may finally find your soul mate. Spoiler: 2024 will be a particularly important year for love!



Although the name might scare you, this is one of the most beautiful and revolutionary arcana in the tarot. The death speaks of changes that heal, changes that help us throw off the past and lay the foundation for the future. It is not enough, though , to wait, but to have an active attitude and be ready to face changes without backing down. Seek adventure and learn to follow your instincts!

YOUR 2023 MANTRA:- I am ready to embrace and to explore life by abandoning the limitations that come from the past. 

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