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 Dear Leo, Many of you are coming from a 2022 full of great excitement and positive changes, and 2023 will also be a year full of love. Jupiter is still on your side, and all conversations that bring clarity and answers you’ve been waiting for will be favoured. Couples in crisis for a long time will now reach a point where they will decide whether to stay or leave. There will be no room for doubt or compromise. 2023 will be an important time for you, Leo, to decide which direction to take in love. Spring will bring some arguments and misunderstandings among new couples, and your horoscope advises not to compromise for fear of not being liked: people who deserve you should accept you as you are. Summer will be a busy time, especially for singles who have a favourable Venus that will bring new encounters and exciting adventures. Those who are waiting for their person to express themselves clearly may decide to give ultimatums: you have no more time to waste, you want to love and be reciprocated, and you will demand respect. There will be no shortage of suitors, you will feel desired and attractive, and August will be a particularly passionate month. Those who have chosen not to commit to relationships but to live in the moment will have no shortage of opportunities. Fall will also bring new encounters but also returns from the past that will reawaken the desire of those who had decided to be alone for a while. When December arrives you will feel happy and fulfilled with the courageous choices and changes you have experienced, and some unexpected surprises may come toward the last days of the year.



The sun card urges you to open up to love, first of all, toward yourself. Compassion and kindness toward yourself is just as important as that toward others. Loving ourselves means appreciating and accepting who we are, without always being judgmental. Give yourself a chance to open up and enjoy yourself by letting out your inner child without trying to repress it.

YOUR 2023 MANTRA:- I am ready to open up to love and be myself.

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