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 Dear Libras, 2022 has been a very important year for you. Many of you have gone through a journey of maturation and personal growth and enter in 2023 aware of what you want from love. Many of you will feel ready to get engaged or make the relationship official. It will be a year of confirmations and important steps. The year will start off a little slow, with heavy transits and Jupiter in opposition. Singles may experience a moment of discouragement when it seems that no interesting person will approach. Couples may also face a complicated period; watch out for misunderstandings and communication. Summer will be a particularly good time with favourable Venus transiting your sign until late fall! Singles will make special meetings with potential for long term relationships. It will be love at first sight! Couples who have had moments of crisis will begin to see conditions for working on the relationship, and there will also be reconciliations with exes who are still in your hearts. Beware of cheating: you may feel the temptation to cheat because, especially in the fall, passion and sexual desire will be through the roof. You will close the year on a high note with a particularly favourable Venus from November that will bring love and abundance. You will be able to experience love more consciously because you now know what you want and know how to nurture a healthy and fulfilling relationship.



The High Priestess is a conscious and aware being of what she feels and wants. She does not judge herself or others, she simply accepts what she feels and gives herself a chance to understand it. Knowing what you want and where you want to go will help you build a foundation for healthy, lasting relationships. Don’t let fear of being alone make you accept compromises that don’t make you grow and feel good. Know who you are, what you want and what you need to do to be well: respect yourself and so will the people next to you.

YOUR 2023 MANTRA:- I am ready to manifest only what is good for me and to let go of what no longer serves me.

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