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 Dear Piesces, 2022 has been a great year for love for many of you. Many are the relationships born, and many are the couples coming from a fulfilling 2022. Those who have had breakups in the past year arrive in 2023 full of desire to regain the will to love. This will be an important year for those who are ready to make a relationship official. Especially in the first phase of the year, there will be marriage proposals and exciting new chapters. Even for singles, great news is just around the corner! A special Venus in March will bring you lots of love and passion. Some of you will feel the desire to finally expose yourselves and declare your feelings with sincerity and courage. Summer will also be a perfect time to seal important relationships and give people who have shown you trust and interest a chance. Only August may bring some misunderstandings or difficult moments with a Mars in opposition that will bore you a bit. Fall will be a little slower, even for singles, but winter will bring great news especially to singles who will have a chance to try new experiences! The year will end with a lot of joy and desire going into the new year



The Lovers is a paper of love but also of decision. The energies of this card urge you to have the courage to decide who you want in your life and who , on the other hand, has shown you that you cannot be a part of it. Important decisions can be difficult and bring pain, but ambiguity and passivity are more detrimental. Be courageous in admitting to yourself, first of all, what you really want. The rest will come naturally.

YOUR 2023 MANTRA:- I am ready to devote myself to what I truly feel is important. 

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