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 Dear Taurus, 2022 has been for many of you an important year for love decisions. Some decisions have brought joy and love; others have been difficult and caused suffering. For all those who feel they have suffered and stopped opening up to love, 2023 will be the year to start again. The first phase of the year will start off a bit slow with a dissonant Venus in January that pushes you to be cautious. Spring, on the other hand, will be an explosive time for singles and couples alike. A favourable Venus in March will favour new meetings and returns from the past into your life. Summer will bring some conflict and negative feelings coming from the past. When you feel afraid to trust people again, remember that no one and nothing is the same as what you have already experienced. This year you will have the right opportunities to re-trust love, rebuild a future with a person, and heal from past pain. Venus’ opposition and its dissonant energies will be gone by October, and many of you will finally feel that are ready to experience new emotions and feelings. The end of the year will mark an important time for longtime relationships, even favouring engagements and official declarations.
An arcana that speaks of self-awareness and trust.Trust not only towards others but also in our abilities to overcome difficult moments and learn from them. Suffering does not mean being weak on the contrary, it expresses the strength we have in the courage to shows our emotions. Trust yourself and your strength and you will realise how strong and beautiful you are.
YOUR 2023 MANTRA:- I am ready to accept the pain I felt and move forward without limiting myself. 
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