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 Dear Virgo, 2023 will be an important year to solidify and strengthen relationships, both long-standing and newly formed ones. Singles will also experience a lot of exciting journeys, and many of you will rediscover a desire for serious commitment. Many of you are coming from a 2022 full of emotions, many positive some difficult. Those who are still exploring a recently born relationship may feel the need to make it official during the first few months of the year. Spring will bring some tension caused by an unfavourable Saturn, and miscommunication may occur. Jupiter is on hand to help you cope with Saturn’s heavy energies, and will bring you lots of affection from loved ones. The best time of the year to look for and find your soul mate will be summer, dominated by a very favourable Mars and a positive Jupiter. Not only new , exciting, encounters but also long-awaited comebacks from the past that will allow you to finally close with unresolved situations. For couples who have recently experienced moments of crisis, summer will bring solutions and new energy that will resolve and restore peace and the desire to build a future together. If singles can count on a passionate summer, couples waiting to take the next step will see great news in the fall time. Marriage proposals or new family members arriving starting in October! Beware of discordant energies towards the end of the year, some of you may feel the desire to move away from difficult relationships, the horoscope advice is to take a big breath and think twice before making any rash moves.



The strength is not just about physical strength or resilience. This card urges us, first of all, to be consistent and courageous toward our feelings and desires. Have the courage to follow your values and ambitions without making compromises that do not match your desires. Those who deserve you will understand, those who do not deserve you will leave. Even where your standing firm with your principles of justice should cause separations, be happy that you have respected yourself and your feelings.

YOUR 2023 MANTRA:- I’m ready to let go of what doesn’t make me grow anymore.

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