First And Foremost, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional just in case you are experiencing severe and frequent stomach problems. These are self-care measures that may help alleviate periodic stomach problems.

  1. Avoid common trigger foods:- Certains foods such as spicy, fatty foods, caffeine, alcohol and diary can trigger periodic stomach problems. Try as much as possible to identify your natural course of feeding and exactly when your stomach starts grumbling and try to prevent or limit taking such foods.
  2. Eat frequent meals in small quantities:- Throughout the day you can start with a morning cup of chai with some snacks like chapatti or groundnuts. And then skip for some two and half hours to help the stomach digest and process that food out of your stomach. Then proceed with lunch, evening tea and supper. Following this pattern will improve your stomach discomfort.
  3. Stay hydrated:- Take plenty of water especially in dry and sunny conditions in order to keep your digestive system functioning properly.
  4. Manage stress:- Stress can exacerbate serious stomach problems and at this point it is important to contact me whatsapp and we dig deeper into what is causing your stress because most is based on spiritual and emotional disorder. However, you can as well try deep breathing exercises like yoga and meditation alternatively.
However if you have been taking certain herbs and supplements like ginger, peppermint or probiotics in any form to help alleviate your stomach disorder and it fails/ed, talk to a healthcare professional before taking any new supplements.

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